Within the global literary system smaller language communities hold a peripheral position. This presupposes a greater exposure to foreign influences and a stronger dependence on the cultural production in dominating languages. The project Peripheral autonomy? Longitudinal analyses of cultural transfer in the literary fields of small language communities is an internationalization project of the Groningen Research School for the Study of the Humanities together with the universities of Ghent and Uppsala. This international co-operation will result in two volumes published through a procedure of blind peer-review.

Role and functioning of cultural transfer

The project aims to investigate the role and functioning of cultural transfer in small language communities, especially its role and functioning within the literary fields of the Swedish and Dutch language areas, from the late 19th century to the present day.
The project's focus is on the stakes and functions of translations, their agencies and agents, the space in which they are situated. Hence, the following research domains are of particular interest:

- institutional conditions for cultural transfer: here attention is paid to the functions of literary magazines, publishing houses, subvention possibilities, etc. Of equal interest is a quantitative description of cultural transfer, mapping which authors, languages, genres, etc. have been introduced into the Swedish resp. Dutch language areas.

- the social role of cultural transmitters: here attention is paid to the functions of translators, literary agents, publishers, editors, critics, etc. and their networks in the process of transferring foreign literatures. A mapping of the different agents involved in the process of transfer should include an investigation of their social and ideological background. Studies can also be done on matters of gender and ethnicity.

- functions of transferred literature: here attention is paid to how the transferred literatures function in the target systems. The analysis of the various functions transferred literature is ascribed within the target systems includes an investigation of the discourses that accompany the process of cultural transfer.

This website

This website has been developed to function as a scholarly environment favourable to intellectual exchange, concerning the Peripheral Autonomy programm. This website contains several forums and a database where the previous and upcoming papers are presented , edited and discussed. Only registered users can fully participate.